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Reasons to work with us !!

SPE Dibrugarh University Student Chapter was initiated in the year 2012, which is a non profit, globally recognized, technical student organization seeking to promote the propagation of invaluable erudition concerning the Oil & Gas Industry across the North East regions of India.

We would like to draw your attention towards the following reasons that makes this organization special, both for the students as well as the Sponsors.

At this chapter, you can explore a map full of opportunities by showcasing new skills as well as new technologies in some of our exciting events which can help in encouraging your career in future

We devote to fulfill connections with pronounced expertize from various oil and gas company across the world in upliftment of each and every individual professions by organising national & international conclave every year. This year we are going to organize events like Petrofest 2020, Ambassador Lecturer Programs, Distinguished Lecturer Programs, which will be beneficial for all the oil and gas enthusiasts.

The chapter is committed towards providing maximum tangible output to the sponsors through those events in the form of extensive brand visibility and market returns giving a wide range of exposures to the sponsors brand.

We would also collaborate with all other SPE student chapters across the Globe and universities in arranging mega events by having fruitful partnernship and will try our best to be a extra special ones as we believe that a battle is best won together.

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