National Conference on Advances in
Petroleum Science and Technology (NCAPST 2021)


A two day
conference entitled ‘National Conference on Advances in Petroleum Science and
Technology’ was organized jointly by SPE Dibrugarh University Student Chapter
in collaboration with SPE Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy Student
Chapter, Visakhapatnam in virtual mode on 29th and 30th
October, 2021. The conference began with the inaugural address by Prof. L.K.
Nath, Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Dibrugarh University and Prof. V.S.R.K.
Prasad. Honourable Director, Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy followed
by the keynote address by Dr. Manas Kumar Sharma, Executive Director, Oil India
Limited. The keynote address entitled ‘An Overview on Sustainable Development
and Current Challenges in Oil and Gas industries’ emphasized on sustainable
development with the importance of increasing domestic production to cope up
with the growing energy demand of the nation. It also emphasized the importance
of collaborative research schemes by industries and academia and the associated
challenges. The first technical session was addressed by Mr. Prem Kumar Verma
on ‘Shale Gas Exploration and Production’. The session emphasized the important
properties of shale formations and the methodologies of the extraction of shale
gas from unconventional reservoirs. It also focused the seismic and logging
attributes along with the associated produced water management in an effective
manner. A world wide overview of current status of shale gas exploration has
been also provided in the presentation. The next technical session was
delivered by Mr. Ghana Gogoi on ‘Downhole Drilling Problems and its Remedies’
with special focus on Down hole problems, problem solving mechanics, stuck pipe
mechanisms, as well as indications of the downhole problems at the surface. The
session also enlightened the importance of teamwork in oil field to tackle up
any undue emergency. The fourth technical session was addressed by Ms. Minnie
Gogia on ‘Role of Petroleum Engineers in Reservoir Management’ which included
planning, procastic development of reservoirs with the use of material balance,
decline curve analysis, reservoir simulation tools, etc. Additionally the
techno economic and social aspect has been briefed by the guest speaker in the
context to develop an oil field and to make it production ready.  The fifth technical session was delivered by
Dr. Ajay Mandal on Advances in enhanced oil recovery techniques. The session
demonstrated a comparative study on water flooding with EOR technology with
aspects of oil recovery efficiency. The session also enlightened different EOR
processes including polymer flooding, chemical flooding and thermal recovery
techniques along with an insight of microbial EOR. The next technical session
was addressed by Dr. (Mrs.) Subrata Borgohain Gogoi on ‘Carbon neutrality
through combined CO2 capture and sequestration and novel H2
technology with production of non-conventional fuels’ which emphasized on a
green integrated strategy by capturing CO2 from BCPL in line with
production of synthetic fuels as a substitution of fossil fuels. The session
also emphasized on the impact of the project in Indian research scenario along
with innovations in solar hydrogen production. The seventh technical session
was delivered by Dr. Polash Pratim Dutta on ‘Impact of AI and ML in oil and gas
industries and its recent advances and research opportunities’. The session
began with a brief introduction of AI and its classification followed by
applications of neural networks in petroleum industry. It also deliberated the
ML approach with the necessity in varied sectors in Oil and Gas industry with
the help of Fuzzy logic approach. The last technical session of the conference
was addressed by Mr. Santanu Medok on ‘Health, Safety and Environment in Oil
and Gas Industry’. The session enlightened the aspects of occupational health
and safety in hazardous industries along with the impact on environment. Sir
has also provided us with an insight of major accidents that have occurred in
the industry which led to fatalities and monetary loss reviving the importance
of safety at work place. The conference ended with a panel discussion themed as
impact of COVID 19 in oil and gas industry attended by four panelists, Mr.
Sanjay Baruah, Mr. Abhijeet Anand, Mr. Ankesh Nagar and Mr. Partha Protim Maut
moderated by Dr. M.A Chowdhury. The panel discussion aimed at discussing the
impact of the pandemic on people, industry, energy transition associated with
it and the skills required post COVID-19 era. The panelists expressed their
views on the aforementioned aspects with special emphasis on the changes that
have been encountered in the industry and provided us with an insight to tackle
and cope up with the changing environment in the post covid-19 era. The
conference was wrapped up by Dr. Borkha Mech Das madam and Dr. Himangshu Kakati
sir faculty advisors of SPE DU SC and SPE IIPE SC respectively followed by
overview of the conference by Mr. Sharahnan Puzari, President, SPE DU SC and
vote of thanks by Ms. Kumari Agrani, President, SPE IIPE SC.