Managing Risks for Optimized Drilling Performance

by Mr. Arief Prasetyo

The chapter feels immense pleasure to announce that it successfully conducted a webinar on ‘Managing risks for optimised drilling performance’: a prodigious session by Mr. Arief Prasetyo, Project Manager, Schlumberger, Saudi Arabia on 11th July, 2020. The chapter it’s gratitude to him for sparing his precious time on sharing his insights and expertise on his field of risk management during drilling process and the possibilities. The chapter looks forward to more such informative sessions with him. The chapter would also like to thank all the participants for their active participation. Their feedbacks would be taken into consideration for the improvement in the chapter events to be conducted in the days to come. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Aparajita Baruah, Membership Chairperson , SPE DU SC.


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Mr. Arief Prasetyo

Project Manager, Schlumberger, Saudi Arabia.

This Webinar was held on 11 July, 2020.

You can connect with him here –