Digitalisation in Oil and Gas Industry

by Ms. Sara El Boustani


The chapter is elated to announce that it successfully conducted its third webinar on ‘Digitalisation in oil and gas industry’: an informative session by Ms. Sara El Boustani, Operations Engineer, Vantage Drilling, USA . The chapter is pleased to thank madam for sparing her precious time on enlightening the participants and sharing her valuable knowledge in this field and would also like to thank her for making the session an interactive one by enclosing quizzes within her presentation and throwing light on the future the Oil and Gas Industry. The chapter shall be blessed to host her in the near future. The chapter would also like to thank all the participants for their active participation throughout the session. The feedbacks taken therein from them would be taken into consideration for the improvement in the chapter events to be conducted in the days to come. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Aparajita Baruah, Membership Chairperson, SPE DU SC.

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Ms. Sara El Boustani

Operations Engineer, Vantage Drilling, USA

This Webinar was held on 12 July, 2020.

You can connect with her here –